Yala National Park is in the south-east region of Sri Lanka. This is the 2nd largest National Park in the island, situated some 300 km away from Colombo.  at first in the early 1890s it was a game sanctuary. The park is in the dry-zone region where the drought season is very long. The day time average temperature is over 30 degrees. It is not uncommon in the region. The parkland makes up most of the reserve but also includes lakes, beaches, jungle, rivers and scrubland. This variety in habitats provides an excellent range in wildlife. A very rare variety of leopards can be seen in Yala. There are about 32 species of mammals, 125 species of birds and many reptiles and lagoon fauna species in the park. In the Yala National Park visitors can view large mammals within one territory.

Things to do in Yala

Beach walk

For the visitors who like to exercise their legs and take a stroll on the golden sandy beaches there is a long coastal stretch in Yala. It will provide the visitor with a profound moment of silence and solitude.

Safari Rides

The safari ride to Yala makes your experience perfect. The animals that you want to see are not waiting for you. You have to be patient enough to see the right animal at the right time. It makes an unforgettable wildlife experience.


For those who wish to spend a night in Yala there are wildlife bungalows operated by the park. During your stay in these bungalows the visitor can gain an unforgettable experience. It is a wonderful experience in the animal kingdom during the night.

BBQ Dinner

During the stay in Yala the visitor can enjoy a scenic beachside BBQ dinner. The visitor can enjoy a sip of wine or beer. You can enjoy a barbarian dance around the fire while listening to the songs of nature, the sounds of waves and birds.

Local fishing experience

There are small tanks surrounded with natural beauty. The visitor can involve in traditional fishing activities with the local fishing community.

Experience the village life

While exploring inside Yala the visitor can roam in the surrounding villages to experience the village life. The visitor can roam around Yala and witness how the rural villagers spend their day.  This is an ideal chance to gain an insight into the local culture with an adventure into the rural villages.

Night Safari

This is an ideal chance to observe the creatures of Yala during the night. The visitor can witness the nocturnal animals and birds in their natural habitats. The visitor can see owls, night jars and the Rusty Spotted Cat.

Chena Hut experience

Chena (Slash and burn) is a traditional method of cultivation in Sri Lankan villages. There is a watch hut erected by the farmer to protect his crops from the wild animals. In Yala there are watch huts that make the visitors experience the beauty of wild life while on the chena hut in a safe manner. Visitors can listen to the song of nature and relax their mind during their stay in the chena hut.

Even if you spend a month in Yala you will not be able to finish off the exploration.